Stageline Certification

July 23, 2014

Zeo Productions recently had two (2) new technicians certified by Stageline on the SL320 mobile stage. Stageline is industry known to produce some of the most highly advanced mobile staging units used in the world and run continuous training programs to ensure that all technicians utilizing the staging units are capable of meeting the strictest quality and safety standards. Zeo frequently sends technicians to attend these programs to certify that they are aware of all concepts relevant to the operation of the mobiles stages. Training topics include:
  • Understanding all of the specific interactions among the various components of the stages for operation.
  • Understanding and assessing any potential risks associated or situations not suitable for mobile stage use.
  • Understanding all the various stages weight and structural limitations.
  • Enabling them to diagnose problems and perform minor repairs on site.

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Philadelphia, PA

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