Installation at The Red Rooster

August 30, 2013

The new Red Rooster Harlem takes its name from an historical & popular speakeasy from 1920's Harlem, which attracted all the top poets, politicians, and artists of the day. The new restaurant will be bringing in artists from a wide array of genres including gospel, jazz, hip-hop, and soul. Red Rooster Harlem has two stages and needed a sound system that took into account the aesthetic of the room, which includes several pillars, very low ceilings that would not allow hanging speakers from them and several corners barely reachable by sound. To address these issues, Zeo Systems, a division of the Zeo Group, was chosen to do the installation of their new K-Array system. Utilizing a variety of K-array pieces Zeo installed a system that allows patrons seated by the back wall or in a corner to hear the sound with the same definition and audio quality as everyone else in the room.

Featured Equipment:

  • K-Array KH-15
  • K-Array KKS50
  • K-Array KL-18
  • K-Array KL-12
  • K-Array KL21ma
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Philadelphia, PA

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