Electro-Voice ZLX Series Speakers

June 17, 2013

Now for rental or purchase, Zeo carries the newest addition to the Electro-Voice loudspeaker family, the ZLX Series. Announced at Winter NAMM 2013, the new line marks the latest milestone in EV's resurgence into the retail arena. ZLX subsequently won a "Best in Show" award from Pro Sound News.

Available in 12-inch and 15-inch two-way, passive and powered models and ideal for use as either mains or monitors, ZLX represents the new standard for musicians, DJs, and all performers looking for more from a portable loudspeaker.

The passive XLZ models are lightweight, and feature a split-baffle design for superior driver time alignment and enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility.

In addition, powered XLZ models integrate an LCD display and unique single-knob DSP control to quickly optimize the speaker to suit your performance style and space. Driven by a custom-built Class-D amplifier, the powered ZLX speakers have a best-in-class sound, while being extremely lightweight.

See More About ZLX at ElectroVoice.com

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